About Our Community!

The purpose of the Abbotts Pond Home Owners Association (HOA) is to promote the recreation, health, safety, welfare, benefit and enjoyment of the home owners within the community.

The Abbotts Pond Home Owners Association (HOA) is governed by a Board of Directors. Board members act on a volunteer basis with the goals of maintaining our high standard and quality of life, and ensuring that the rights and interests of the majority of the residents of Abbotts Pond are represented.

The Board has created this website as a guide for the residents of Abbotts Pond.

Get Involved!


If you are interested in taking an active part in our community there are many ways to help out. Start by always attending the annual meetings. You can join a committee and help decide what happens in the community (see below). Let the board know when you become aware of something that requires attention, for example: a pothole, low-hanging branches blocking the view at an intersection, water running down the street, or anything else you think we should know. As a community advocate, you can help the home owners association keep our community the absolute best it can be!

Join A Committee.

Any resident of the Community who would like to contribute should volunteer for one of several committees serving Abbotts Pond and its residents. A member of the Homeowners of Board Directors oversees each committee, and a committee chairman is in charge of each one.

Architectural Control Committee
Landscape & Yard-Of-The-Month Committee
Newsletter Committee
Tennis Committee
Community Events & Social Committee

Subscribe to our Newsletter!

The board maintains an email list of residents that it uses to send out newsletters and important information and updates. If you are a resident and would like to be added to the mailing list, you can send an email to newsletter@abbottspond.com, or use the following form:

Join the Facebook Social Group!

A growing number of families are getting on the social networking bandwagon and using sites like Facebook. Therefore, in an effort to grow our sense of "community", we have created a Facebook Social Group for our residents to network online. This allows residents to get to know their neighbors, share information, and receive timely updates from our association.

Please note that you must have an account on Facebook, and then you can request to join the Abbotts Pond Social Group. This is a closed group, and only residents of our subdivision will be approved for membership. Your information and posts will be kept private, and posted within the group only (not public or on your personal "wall").

Once you are a member, feel free to use it to organize a playgroup, gardening club, or street party. Start a discussion, post items for sale, ask the board questions, or find a sitter. Share lawn care tips, schedule an event, join a committee, or just chat.


Tennis Reservations
If you would like to reserve the courts, please visit the Reserve My Court website.

If you would like to reserve the kitchen, please contact the social comittee or a board member for scheduling.

If you have questions for the management company... such as reguarding your dues, getting a keycard for entry to the pool, etc. You may contact them at:
Homeowner Management Services, Inc.
1260 Old Alpharetta Road
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: (770)667-0595
Web: HMS-Inc.net

If you need to contact a member of the board, send an email to board@abbottspond.com and it will be redirected to the appropriate person.

For local information on the city of Johns Creek, please visit the Johns Creek Website.